Established 2005

Lyme RegisTaekwondo Club


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Lyme Regis Taekwondo Club was set up on 3rd January 2005.

Lyme Regis Taekwondo is Part of Dorset Taekwondo and is also a member of British Taekwondo and trains WT Olympic style TKD.

It was the idea of Sharon Ward - who has been training in Taekwondo since 1999.

She started Taekwondo when she lived in London and gained her Black Tag before moving to Dorset where she attained her Black Belt and then decided she would like to set up her own club in Lyme Regis, as she had to travel to Bournemouth to train as it was the nearest club.

Sharon is now a 5th Dan Master.

Sharon had an injury to her arm in 2010 which resulted in her having 2 operations and a 8 inch metal plate inserted into it.

Although she can no longer compete in competitions she still has the drive and focus to pass on her skills and knowledge. 

It made her more even more determined to achieve things having thought it might put an end to her TKD. 

The club started with 4 members and has gradually grown, it has taught 6 students to black belt level and Assistant Instructor Tom Lowe is now a 2nd Dan.

Lyme TKD is a very friendly small club which prides itself on having a great community spirit - and will be seen showing Displays at events in the town throughout the year, and attending various Community activities. Including the May Day Fete and Carnival Week. 

The students range from 5 year olds all the way through to adults and from White Belt to Black Belt.

5 Tenets of Taekwondo 

Etiquette :    Modesty   : Perseverance   :  Self Control :     Indomitable Spirit

Taekwondo Oath

I shall Observe the Tenets of Taekwondo

I shall Respect All Instructors and Students

I shall Never Misuse Taekwondo

I shall be a Champion of Freedom & Justice

I shall help Build a More Peaceful World​​